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General Health

Information on Managing General Health Issues

In our ongoing effort to provide you with reliable information on general health issues, here are links to sites and articles which can address them. If we can be of help in providing additional information please let us know. 



HealthCentral: Is a part of Remedy Health Media. HealthCentral operates more than 35 condition-specific and wellness sites, all with the goal to support and inform our users who have life-changing conditions. 

My Home Remedies: The premiere site for exchanging home remedies with others around the world. Live Younger Longer: Information about strategies to age well and live a long, active life. These include eating well, exercising regularly, looking after one’ s body, and giving up habits detrimental to health. Informs on age-related diseases and prevention, keeping mind and brain alert, and looking younger. 

Diet Health Club: Choose nutritious foods for your healthy eating plans and rejuvenate your body with new freshness, vigor and vitality. 



The contents herein are for informational purposes only and should not replace the advice of your physician or healthcare professional. For medical emergencies, dial 911